Then we met Jacqueline…..

M. – 12 jaar (Geldrop): tweetaligheid

Hi Jacqueline!

As we spoke, here is our testimony that you can publish on your website:

We moved from Brazil to the Netherlands in July 2019 and we had a big challenge on our hands: integrating our children into Dutch society. The process was relatively simple, but the pandemic came and we went through difficult times. The children did not go to school and this delayed all learning of the Dutch language, drastically lowering their confidence in themselves. We hired two remedial teachers to fill this gap, but unfortunately we didn’t face the desired effect. Our eldest son was the most impacted as he was 8 when we moved here and his school grades were only good in math.

Then we met Jacqueline. In the first contact, we noticed a striking difference in the way she organizes activities: always very attentive and methodical. We had the opportunity to experience how a true remedial teacher should do its job: with objectivity and talent. Since our oldest son has had contact with her, his grades have improved a lot and his progress in school has started to go smoother. His confidence was restored and finally he can now, after 1 year of lessons with Jacqueline, move on on his own legs. Obviously a lot came from his own efforts, however, we believe that Jacqueline’s method was instrumental in providing this. We can only thank Jacqueline for her excellent work.

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